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You are interested in this field because you have a passion for helping people.  But do you ever stress about whether you can consistently put enough clients together to make ends meet?  Are you dissatisfied in an employee position that doesn’t let you give every client the individual attention they deserve?  Are you out there alone as an independent contractor without real backup, doing gig work in people’s homes alone?  Ever want a real team who cares about you more than just as a worker, who want you to be personally successful and fulfilled? 

You can be absolutely certain will have a bigger impact with ParentDashboard, and leave behind the tedious billing and tax paperwork nightmares of self-employment.  You don’t need to chain yourself to a dead-end J-O-B that doesn’t fulfil you, or serve a corporate need.  You can grow personally and find a permanent career with benefits, advancement potential and true influence on people’s lives at ParentDashboard.  

At ParentDashboard, you are truly appreciated as a valued member of our team!   Meet the people you’d be working closely with BY CLICKING HERE

Benefits of working for ParentDashboard include:

Release of stress from constantly arranging gigs and chasing billing paperwork

Competitive pay with advancement potential

A truly unique positive company culture that provides you growth and skill development in a way that clinics, school districts or self-employment won’t 

A place where you can feel like you can settle in for the long term securely but still be unique and grow at the same time.

True prioritization of what families want for their loved one, with respect for you as their support person

If you’re a passionate, positive, problem-solver who anticipates needs, communicates well, is a great team-player and wants to make a HUGE inspirational impact in social purpose enterprise, welcome home to ParentDashboard!


  • We have separate parts of our company that sell unrelated services.  The revenues reduce what parents pay towards fair wages and good benefits for workers helping their family

  • We create living wage jobs while reducing the costs to families.

  • We take care of the families, and of you


Its not about us (meaning either ParentDashboard as an Employer, or you as an Employee).  Its ALL about what our client families need.  

Responding only to parent needs while your team has your back lets you focus on what is important.  This produces truly child centred care that protects parental authority which serves the child best.  ParentDashboard’s priorities, and every decision it makes, are always set with needs, health and safety of the child, their family and worker’s health and safety first, then the enterprise’s.  ParentDashboard therefore supports its in-person home and community workers with living wages and team supports, because we need them to focus on the service to the family.

You as Employee, and we as Employer, simply facilitate what the family needs – but we as Employer protect you and cultivate the kind of team you want for support.  It simply serves everyone better.  Our employees are so fantastic that other try to poach them!  But our team is so solid and well cared for that they usually won’t leave, even for more money. Our team culture gives workers the protection and support they deserve as caregivers, without the heavy paperwork and personal liability. Parents get better service, because our team has each other’s back to fill-in in behind when there to reduce the parent’s stress. 

Before COVID, our mission was solely high quality, cost effective hands-on in-person services for children. Since re-opening in September 2021, we now have expanded and support every member of a family (particularly complex needs families) in every area of live: health, relationships, finance, employment.  This happens both in person and digitally, as we have expanded our online services.  This new hybrid service realm gives us flexibility around your professional growth in ways you haven’t got access to elsewhere – our model is unique.  

You can be proud to work for a social purpose enterprise whose brand it is to over-deliver in service and then shares profit to benefit the very parents, non-profits and partnered professionals who operate in the complex needs community.  We aim to develop new ways to fund complex needs where governments and other non-profits do not.  We do this because there simply aren’t enough resources to help families in the first place, and our Founders decided that instead of price-gouging families as contractors, there should be a provider that makes care affordable and child-focused, stressless, and focuses on what the parents prioritize.  Did we mention we offer referral bonuses when you bring families in as clients?

As complex needs parents who worked in educational support and government systems a long time, our Founders (and all the parents like them) know that one of the best things for complex needs children is stable, happy workers!   Our specific goal is to lower stress and administrative burden on complex needs parents by providing a strong team they can lean on (and who support each other to support the families).  You will be helping the people who need it most, where they need and value it most: in their own homes and in their own community.

The parents who use ParentDashboard services know how much you deserve fair treatment, because they value your work with their child so very dearly.  ParentDashboard’s commitment is to provide what you deserve: a responsive Employer who finds ways to let you shine in passion-based work with the stability, access to health benefits and advancement opportunities and fun-loving, inspirational, professional culture you love to be in that serves a social good with a clear mission and mandate you can get behind.   


The ParentDashboard family is not a loose association of self-employed gig contractors available for a couple hours respite or behavioural interventions here and there.  We do not randomly collect families for highest pay, then redistribute work.  It also not a nanny referral service, or a daycare.  It is also not a therapeutic clinic, where you’re hired part-time at low wages while a professional charges very high hourly fees and keeps the client should you leave no matter the relationship you build with the child.  It is also not a mass institution like a school district where you’re placed with too many children to truly make an impact on any one of them, and you watch as the most vulnerable suffer.  It is something entirely new, and truly different.  Build with the actual family needs in mind.

ParentDashboard is a mindset, a team effort, an innovation in social service delivery to families, and a way to get more resources generated for kids and families whose human rights are frequently violated.  We do this because other organizations not have enough help from government or sponsors to do all the work that needs to be done to support the large number of families in need.  We think there is a new way to generate support.

As a full time ParentDashboard Employee (we generally only seek people happily committed full time), your job will have both client-specific duties, and shared team duties that builds the enterprise alongside the rest of your team.  You will find diversity in your day, and satisfaction with your work because every day will bring new surprises and challenges.  You’ll know you make a huge difference to peoples lives on a daily basis in their homes and communities, plus have room for personal career development and growth and advancement.  Your uniqueness and gifts will become your superpowers in the team, and your coworkers will empower and respect your individual contribution.  Management will make sure you’re safe and supported, standards for our team are kept high, the organization is professionally managed, and families benefit from your passion to help them.  

ParentDashboard will use its business techniques to develop the products and services you’ll deliver to families, and you can be proud that instead of participating in a corporate machine with disproportionately highly paid management, that families and employees like you are treated far more equitably.  Your career advancement will be driven by your own contributions at the pace you want, and your managers will be in the trenches with you to help you figure it all out.  

ParentDashboard’s team values leadership by example, so your advancement will rely squarely on your own performance, skill and initiative – which we will also help you develop.  If helping families and working in a team is a passion for you, will be very natural and easy – we want everyone to grow and succeed.  Your Team Leaders will help you develop your career path the way the leaders before helped them, then you will help others after you with theirs future.  All the while, families will be benefitting from your daily effort, and the programs and resources the Team’s enterprise generates for them.


Senior Management:  (no positions open at this time).  Includes CEO, CFO, COO, HR & Marketing Heads

Jr Management: (no positions open at this time).  Includes Administration, Assistants to Department Heads

Team Leaders: (no positions open at this time).  Supervisors of ParentDashboard’s various programs and services

Family Service Associates (Behavioural Interventionist / Respite Providers):  Currently hiring!   CLICK HERE FOR JOB DESCRIPTIONS