Life with kids is complex enough. We're here to make things easier.



At AABB Homecare Services Ltd, safety and special needs services go hand in hand. Our experienced team listens carefully to parents to understand their child's needs. Our promise is to keep your child physically and emotionally safe, healthy, and happy in every environment. We implement your child's professional's advice the way you direct, because to us "parents are the experts on their children" is more than just lip service. It guides our everyday hands-on way to keep your child safe when you're not there.


There is no progress without motivation, and each child is unique. Our team takes joy in finding out what delights your child and building around that. Our dedication to fun is reflected in every service we provide. Whether we chill out for respite, go out to learn in the community, or sit down for academic homeschool sessions, we guarantee to keep your special needs child engaged. Happiness is as important as progress. We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice one to have the other.

custom-built care

Every child and family should have the tailored supports they want for their particular family's health or learning needs, especially when they are complex. No two families are exactly alike. We'll meet you where you're at, and design to where you want to go. We accept clients from all backgrounds and experience levels, and work with you to design supports that fit your lifestyle and budget. A positive attitude and willingness to work towards your goals is all you need- we’ll make the rest easy!


children's needs first

Child-centred care isn't authentic if a worker who provides the care is not the best fit. Parents are the authority on this, so we will listen to them if something isnt right, and ensure we tailor support your individual chid's needs. Your child is unique. We may be experienced in tailoring care, but parents are the experts on what's best for their little one.

respect parents

Time and money are not luxuries everyone has, so we don't waste them. Our company is owned by special needs parents who understand its critical you get to work, and that there's a budget to live within. Your responsibilities are tremendous. You deserve reliable, timely & non-judgemental support from the people you pay to help your child.

value employees

The people whose hands help our children daily are truly special people who should be valued & treated with respect. As an employer, our company provides a team environment that does not take advantage of workers, just facilitates their work. We seek to offer workers benefits in order to stablize their world so they dont have to worry about the next job, and can focus on the children they work with.


We deliver on care, compassion and respect!


René Halber

Company Director,
Behaviour Intervention,


Michelle Boshard

Company Director,
Operations Manager
Case Management


Join our Team!

We're a fair wage employer who seeks employees in various geographic areas of the Greater Victoria region. We provide training and regular payroll based on shifts we establish with clients. We seek prompt, courteous, fun-loving, compassionate, respectful, honest and keen employees who want to learn and grow. A sense of humour, ability to be flexible, understanding, proactive, reliable & a non-judgemental attitude are a must.