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Every family has their own values, beliefs and personal story about their relationship with money.  But one thing that’s common between all families is that we require money it to meet our family member’s needs (especially those of vulnerable children), both now and after we’re gone.  

ParentDashboard provides concrete tools to help you learn how money works, and find new ways to get and grow it to improve your family’s life.  We believe in abundance, and our social purpose enterprise aim is to help your family as we would our very own.  Click around on the links below and let us know if you have any questions in the form at the bottom!

ParentDashboard Money & Finance Program Links

FINANCIAL skills tools

FUNancial Freedom Course (Money & E-Commerce basics for Ages 7-17 not taught in school)
Stock, Crypto, ForEx & Real Estate DIY Investing Courses (also in ParentDashboard Nest Egg™ Program)

mONEY mindset & STRATEGy

Money Mindset Coaching (Individual or Family)
After-Parent Care Options for Special Needs Families
Recommended Financial Readings

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