The ParentDashboard Nest Egg™ Program (PDNEP) - Special Needs Entry


Thank you for your interest in the ParentDashboard NestEgg™ Program!  

We are so excited to be able to help special needs families.  Our Co-Founders understand that saving money with extra care costs is a very real challenge month-to-month, much less owning a home, much less making sure you have your own end of life care costs covered for when you retire,  much less preparing a fund to care for your loved one after you are gone.  

All of these things weigh so heavily on special needs families but particularly parents.  They love their children and sometimes fear their child will not be independent or able to manage their own finances securely.  We have personally experienced the unreasonable stress financial insecurity puts on your health, your relationships, and your child.   We know how expensive it is.  We know how you sometimes have to sacrifice one income in a family, or if you’re single, lose your job over this.  We know the mental health issues it generates.  We know the barriers to employment for the disabled, including stigma and lack of accommodation.  All of this is not ok.  We are solution focused.

We also know that no matter where you are in the world, there aren’t enough financial and training supports for parents to cope, because the rates of special needs are higher yet supports have not followed.  The current infrastructure of our society misses a critical piece to support the tidal wave of special needs coming over the next generation:  a clear path to financial independence and life balance for those with complex health issues.

At first we asked ourselves how we could get through it ourselves.  We explored a LOT of options, and have done a lot of learning we hope to save you time on.  We have now applied principles learned from the financial and business world to our social purpose enterprise bring and share money and opportunity to the social sector that is special needs and complex care.  We are SO happy to share them with our fellow special needs families as our social purpose.  So!  What does that look like!?

ParentDashboard helps special needs families with finance through the following process!

halt your financial victimization & HELP YOU OVERCOME financial FEAR

We help you get out of the government funding trap by stepping completely out of the systems. The goal is that by the end of the process, you will be independently wealthy and not need government assistance.

How we manage our money depends on our individual beliefs and fears, which together are called a “money mindset”.

Whether conscious or not, our money mindset controls the way we approach earning, saving, spending, and sharing in our life.

We connect your with our partners who specialize in coaching people 1:1 to identify, confront and change any limiting belief their money mindset causes you.

gain access to the fundamental knowledge on money & e-commerce

Whether or not your own family passed on knowledge about how to manage money or not, we can all always learn more.

We understand you dont have time or money to go back to school. We have found good tools to use to teach yourself and your children about money and online commerce. These learnings are done at your own pace and take you through financial basics required to understand the tools you'll use to become financially independent.

develop your own map to financial independence based on your goals

To travel from where you are financially to where your want to be requires a clear map, just like driving sometimes does. You will pick your own destination, and we will help you develop your own travel plan to get there.

This is not a financial strategy, this is a personal plan for your life that you develop, we simply facilitate.

we grant scholarships to the wealth building tool of your choice

There are many types of cars you could drive on your journey to wealth. Knowing the basic models available to drive to your money destination allows you to control your investing or wealth building journey.

Once you figure out which financial vehicle(s) you want to drive, we will provide a grant to choose from one of our delivery partners, who provide you a condensed education on the vehicle you chose and how it works. You then drive your own vehicle from there.

By the time you have reached this point in the process you will already understand what these vehicles do and which one you want. Generally the biggest wealth creation vehicles ParentDashboard links you to information on are: stocks, foreign exchange, crypto, buying a business, & real estate. These are non-government tools because the goal is to build your wealth so you can leave the government system.

join a community of families & self-advocates working on their plans

This is a process, and everybody needs support to go through it - particularly people who understand how hard it is to complete the process when special needs are involved.

Everyone who goes through this program is asked to participate and help each other by sharing their journey in our special, private group only accessible to special needs families who are approved to this program. As there are different sometimes complex aspects, this group is seperate from the main group (which you are also automatically made a part of). You therefore get access to two support groups: the ParentDashboard Official Community (all issues aside from finance), the NestEgg community, and the Special NestEgg community.

celebrate and share!

We will celebrate every milestone with you and be cheering you on when you succeed in developing your NestEgg.

At this point, you also qualify for the Jain Capital Investment Fund, to permanently grow your wealth, if you wish. See for more information

What the ParentDashboard NestEgg™ Program does NOT do:

  • Ask income-qualified special needs families to pay anything.
  • Provide professional financial investment advice or planning services of any kind.
  • Ask you what your personal plans are – nobody but you needs to know!
  • Share any of your personal information
  • Force people to take the program – if you don’t want this, definitely don’t sign up!
  • Charge fees for long term money management – our goal is to coach you to get the money you need or want in your life, then manage it yourself, without us.
  • Guarantee success – what we guarantee is that we will deliver the information, tools and help you’ll need.  The rest is up to you!
  • Take responsibility for your decisions – please read our FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER HERE.